POISED is a research group for Political Philosophies and Sociologies of Education. We are located in Tampere University Faculty of Education and Culture.

Photo and cover photo: Jonne Renvall / Tampere University

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Professori Veli-Matti Värrin juhlakirja – POISEDilaiset toimitushommissa

Perjantaina 10.6.2022 julkaistiin kasvatustieteen professori Veli-Matti Värrille valmisteltu teos Maailman tärkein tehtävä – Esseitä kasvatuksesta, vastuusta ja toivosta. Juhlakirja professori Veli-Matti Värrille. Teoksen ovat toimittamiseen ovat osallistuneet POISED-tutkijat Tuomas Tervasmäki, Katri Jurvakainen, Johanna Kallio, Jani Pulkki ja Jan Varpanen. Lisäksi kirjaa ovat toimittaneet Olli-Jukka Jokisaari, Pasi Takkinen, Arto Tammenoksa. Teos on vapaasti ladattavissa ja luettavissa …

An ecosocial philosophy of education project continues with new articles on humility, technology informed education, morality of economism, ecosocialization, and ecosocial Bildung

Pulkki, Jani (2022) Humility imparts the wonders of nature: a virtue-ethical elaboration of some Michael Bonnett’s thoughts, Environmental Education Research, DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2022.2083082 Please contact jani.pulkki@tutanota.com about the preprint! Abstract An attitude of (1) metaphysics of mastery is a major ecological problem accompanied with (2) scientism, which considers all reality is understood with one form of knowledge acquisition, that of classical …

What is self-cultivation? A new publication from the EnAct-project

The contemporary context of the Anthropocene presents novel challenges for our understanding of self-cultivation. Although self-cultivation is one of the longue durées of western civilization, or probably because it is so, most of the concepts we use in making sense of the phenomenon emerged in socio-historical contexts quite different from ours. What are the changes …