POISED is a research group for Political Philosophies and Sociologies of Education. We are located in Tampere University Faculty of Education and Culture.

Photo and cover photo: Jonne Renvall / Tampere University

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Blog: Panicked notes of a prison ethnographer(-to-be)

As a crucial part of my PhD, I am about to start a nine-month period of ethnographic fieldwork in a closed prison. After several months of  negotiations with gatekeepers on different organizational levels within the Criminal Sanctions Agency, carefully drawing up my fieldwork plans (including all the ethical aspects I could think of beforehand), being …

Recently published articles: Finnish policy futures of school spaces and knowledges. Open access.

In educational policy visions, it is customary to present Finnish school system as outdated and alienated from the surrounding society. Despite success in PISA, schools are allegedly the last bastion of resistance to the global changes in work and learning in the 21st century. School architecture and new learning environments In a new study, POISED …