Jani Pulkki

Jani Pulkki is a researcher in Tampere University, the Faculty of Education and Culture. His main research interests include the philosophy of education, philosophical questions of environmental education, and also societal and ethical questions of education.

Currently, Pulkki is working on a research project funded by Kone foundation on the ecosocial philosophy of education. This project started in 2019 and is ongoing until the end of 2022. Before this, he conducted a dissertation project and defended his thesis On the educational problems of competition. Virtues for the twentieth century in 2017 at Tampere university. In this monograph, Pulkki provided an idea history of competition and contrasted competitive thought against the perennial and ecosocial virtues needed for overcoming today’s eco-social problems. He also studied the philosophical question of contemplative pedagogy in 2012-2017.

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