Ecosocial Philosophy of Education

Photo by Jani Pulkki 2019. Inkula bridge in Viljakkala with view towards Kyrösjärvi.

The project reconsiders education philosophy from the perspective of ecosocial thought. Ecosocial thinking is viewed from an ecofeminist perspective according to which the assumption of human-nature separation leads to destructive behavior in both human and the ”more-than-human worlds.” Most of Western civilization, its educational institutions and philosophy included, seems to be engulfed in human-centered thinking privileging human beings and, thus, downgrading other living creatures. In this project, which started in 2019 and is ongoing until the end of 2022, many of the basic concepts of education are reconsidered from the perspective of ecosocial theory. The basic idea of ecosociality is simple: extending the (pro)social norms of nondestructive behavior to the ”community of all living beings” as this is called in deep ecology. Formulating ecosocial terminology enables a rethinking of the very heart of modern education towards more biocentric and life fostering direction.

Researcher: Jani Pulkki