Tuomas Tervasmäki

Photo: Jonne Renvall / Tampere University

Tuomas Tervasmäki is a doctoral researcher in the Faculty of Education and Culture at the Tampere University, Finland. His main areas of interest are the philosophy of education, curriculum studies and issues of inclusion and exclusion in education.

In his PhD research he analyses the politics of education and Finnish education policy from the perspective of political discourse theory (aka Ideology and discourse analysis). At the moment Tervasmäki is focusing on the operation of ideology in educational institutions and practices.

Tervasmäki takes part in the research project “Towards better academia: Strategic leadership and experiences of academic community during the Tampere 3 university merger” 2019–2021 , lead by docent Hanna Kuusela (PI), funded by KONE Foundation, Finland.

You can find Tervasmäki’s publications from Researchgate and Academia.edu, or you can follow him on Twitter.

Email: firstname.surname(a)tuni.fi