Antti Saari

Photo: Jonne Renvall / Tampere University

Antti Saari is an associate professor (tenure track) in the Tampere University Faculty of Education and Culture. His main research interests include history and philosophy of education and curriculum studies.

Saari’s research covers two main themes:

The interfaces between expert knowledges and governing education, including how psychological and sociological discourses are translated into practices of evaluation, classroom management, and the use of instructional technology. In particular, Saari has studied the psychological discourses of subjective well-being in the form of positive education and mindfulness, as well as the role of psychological theories and concepts of learning in governing education. 

Recently, Saari has begun investigating the uses of psychoanalytic theories to analyze truth, power, and subjection in education. In particular, Saari has studied how the concepts of desire and transference can aid in understanding subjection and emancipation. Moreover, Saari studies how the psychoanalytic concept of the uncanny can open novel vistas for theorizing environmental education in the Anthropocene.






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