Jan Varpanen

Photo: Jonne Renvall / Tampere University

Jan Varpanen is a doctoral researcher in Tampere University, Faculty of Education and culture. His main areas of interest are educational theory and philosophy, particularly in the context of early childhood education. His work primarily deals with issues related to the concepts of subject-ness and agency.

In his dissertation project, Varpanen explores education from an existential perspective. In dialogue with the work of Gert Biesta, he develops the conceptual tools for capturing at the level of theory as well as the curriculum the possibility of education that ’works’ on the irreplaceable Being of a person.

Varpanen is also part of the INNOPLAY-project, where pedagogical models integrating craft and technology education are developed for early childhood education. In addition, he has recently worked in the project ”Discourses of leadership in the diverse field of early childhood education”.


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Contact: jan.varpanen@tuni.fi