Photo credit: M.C Escher

Research networks and partners

CIDA: Centre for Ideology and Discourse Analysis, Department of Government, University of Essex

AGORA for the Study of Social Justice and Equality in Education, Helsingin yliopisto  


Historiallis-yhteiskuntatiedollisen kasvatuksen tutkimusryhmä, Helsingin yliopisto 

INCASI, International Network for Comparative Analysis of Social Inequalities

Sustainable well-being, University of Eastern Finland

KUPOLI Research Unit focusing on the Sociology and Politics of Education , University of Helsinki

SIRENE Interdisciplinary Network of Environmental and Sustainability Education Research

SPECS Tilallisen sosialisaation ja ympäristökansalaisuuden tutkijakollektiivi. Tampereen yliopisto.

University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability

Professor Gert Biesta, Maynooth University, University of Edinburgh, University of Humanistic Studies Netherlands

Associate profesor Arto O. Salonen, University of Eastern Finland

Kestävä hyvinvointi -tutkimusryhmä, University of Eastern Finland

Wisdom and learning team, Finnish Institute for Educational Research