Towards a More Sustainable Self-Education with Martha Nussbaum’s Neo-Stoic Theory of Emotions

Picture: Shop Until You Drop by Banksy (Wikimedia Commons)

In this PhD research doctoral researcher Johanna Kallio is studying the role of consumer as self-educational challenge in the time of eco crisis. Kallio argues, that instead of asking whether the ecocrisis should be ”solved” by individual consumers, the main question should be whether it is right to become and be a consumer and on what cost does it happen?

In this educational theoretic PhD research Kallio is developing the model for more sustainable self-education to the times of eco crisis. The model is seeking self-educational ways to develop one’s personal emotional repertoire to replace the prevalent understanding of consumer with the idea of collective ecological responsibility by using Martha Nussbaum’s (1947–) neo-Stoic theory of emotions as her background theory.

Kallio’s PhD research is divided into two parts. First, she will create philosophical, conceptual frames to define self-educational limits that the modern society will poses to its members as consumers. Second, she will develop the practical model for self-educational ways to use philosophical thinking as tool to overcome these obstacles. Kallio’s PhD research will include four peer-reviewed articles, two in Finnish and two in English. The project has started in 2018.

It is necessity to bring the question of consumerism in the field of self-education in the prevalent time of eco crisis. Kallio’s PhD research is filling this gap in the Finnish adult educational research field. This PhD research is also about to bring Nussbaum’s neo-Stoic theory of emotion to the Finnish research field in general. It is highly relevant to focus on self-educational ways to use philosophy as a tool for better self-understanding and also use it as a tool to understand better the world around us. Eco crisis is about to change the way we can define ourselves as humans and also rethink our rights as a consumers. In this PhD research Kallio is seeking answers to this self-educational challenge by using Nussbaum’s theory.

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The project has partly been funded by Kansan Sivistysrahasto from Viola Järvisen rahasto.